Tessitura Canclini Tessitura Albini

In 1876 the company was founded by Z. Borgomanero at Desenzano sul Serio, in the borough of Albino. In 1992 three historical British brands are acquired, Thomas Mason, David & John Anderson and Ashton Shirtings. With this acquisition the company could count on a commercial structure with an International status, alongside the acquisition of a remarkable historical archive comprising of more than 600 volumes of fabric designs dating from 1845 - an unique resource for its creativity.

After more than 125 years of traditions and innovations nowadays Albini group is global leader in production of premium shirt fabrics.

The creation of a fabric starts with the right choice of the best raw materials and the careful manufacturing of yarns. Every year Albini Group invests in research and in development, from cotton fields in order to use the best raw materials.


Albini Group is set apart by its style. We create fabrics where the harmony of the graphics and colours are enhanced by the choice of the right structure. The plains, the stripes, the checks, the prints, are creatively interpreted through the imaginative Mind in Italy of Fabio Albini, Creative Director of the Albini Group; giving rise to a proposal which is both classic and modern. Thanks to product research, stylists are able to propose innovative solutions in the seasonal collections using new yarns, dyeing and weaving techniques as well as extraordinary finishes. Choices, often suggested by the historical Thomas Mason archives, a bridge that ideally connects two centuries of history to the present day.

The Thomas Mason archives cover more than a century of the English company's history in more than seven hundred volumes. From the oldest book, dated 1845, to that of the Twenties, the evolution of style research for shirt making is astronomic especially as far as colour is concerned. At the beginning it was the pale colours in all their hues that dominated: browns, reds, yellows and greens with natural dyes obtained by extracting colour from plants and flowers. After the discovery and introduction of chemical dyes, the last volumes contain samples of fabrics of much brighter colours with the brand new pink and purple plus many other tones made possible thanks to this technological innovation. The archives, available at the Albino address, represent a precious source of inspiration that can be consulted by the creatives and by our customers, a tiny museum projected into the future.

Acquired in 2006, the historical archives of Albiate 1830 are a precious resource that contains the history of the Bohemian textile tradition of the last century in more than 600 volumes. To preserve the fabrics optimally, a special air conditioned room has been created for them. Examples are found of embroidery, brocades, damasks, flecked prints, leno weaves. Voile fabrics together with herringbone weaves, tartans and fil coupé. The first Exclusives are there too, sent to Paris at the beginning of the 20th century.

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