The eternal checks

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While we notice some trends that come and go, some have never really left and are here to stay, like made-to-measure checkered shirts. Without a doubt, every man can look back and say they have owned at least one in their life. It’s quite possible that they have a couple hanging in their wardrobe right now. There’s a reason why they’re called the eternal checks.

Eternal checks

No surprises here, checkered made-to-measure shirts are quite trendy nowadays. One can even conclude that the black and red flannels have had a major impact on shifting public opinions on facial hair. In contrast to previous decades where clean shaven was a must, today’s man prefers the lumberjack bearded look. This could be due to the subconscious association between checkered shirts and beards made popular by Paul Bunyan. He’s a folklore character with superhuman strength that sported this iconic look of the eternal checks.

Although widely beloved, a piece of clothing can’t remain popular for so long solely based on pop culture. There must be solid reasoning as to why it has been a part of our wardrobes throughout all this time. The reason is very simple, it just works! Checkered shirts will be eternally in style. With an added made-to-measure dimension, it seems difficult to make a choice other than the eternal checks.

Eternal checks

Today, the number of styles has been expanded to fit every taste. From large checks that create a darker look to bright colorful smaller checks and everything in between. Even something as simple as a blue and white combination is sure to give off a fresh look. This shows exactly why checks are eternal, and made-to-measure shirts are proven winners.

WIth so many different varieties, there are options for every man and every event. Owning a checkered shirt that will never go out of style is the little secret that everyone has heard about.

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