6 ways to wear a white shirt

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The quintessential image of a formal outfit usually includes a white shirt, which men can wear in many different ways. In today’s world, it’s a must have for every man’s wardrobe. Although it’s tied to a traditional look, the versatility of a made-to-measure white shirt often flies under the radar.

White shirts

Sure, matching the classic white with black trousers and a striped tie is a no-brainer for formal events, but shouldn’t there be other options for this piece? A made-to-measure fit can really bring some comfort in addition to a modern look. All things considered, here are 6 other ways to wear a white shirt: 

1. With shorts: Seems a little risky at first, but a closer look reveals a winner. Paired with dark blue shorts, brown boating shoes and a matching belt is a great fit for summer leisure time.

2. With a blazer and sweater: A great fit for the chillier nights that keeps it casual and warm. Dark denim, light blazer and black/white shoes. Made-to-measure white shirts take away everything extra, but leave enough to make the fit perfect for those wearing them. 

3. With distressed jeans: No need for other accessories, this combination with brown shoes is a must for a casual night.

4. With a waistcoat: Black waistcoat on a white shirt with a brown tie and dark denim is always a great fit. Wearing a white shirt with this combination is set to be a winning choice.

5. With a bowtie: This option can be explored along with a waistcoat as well.

6. With braces: Depending on the event, this combination with or without a tie. For some urban roaming, ditching the tie is allowed. For weddings and formal business gatherings, putting one on is a must.

Limiting a classic made-to-measure white shirts to only formal events makes a wide variety of combinations impossible to achieve. Its versatility can make it a great centerpiece for outfits that are appropriate for almost any occasion. The great news is that there are plenty of different ways that a gentleman can wear a made-to-measure white shirt.

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