The summer wedding shirt: guest guide

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Choosing the right shirt for a summer wedding can be challenging, but following this guest guide can put you on the right track. Although a white shirt is the most common choice, every man with an eye for detail knows that it’s not that simple. Wedding shirts come in a wide variety for the summer season, and quite often, guests can use a little guidance during the selection process.

Depending on your wedding’s dress code, there are some rules that you should stick by. If the wedding is formal (or black tie), the white wedding shirt is a must. It may sound simple enough, but you will be faced with some choices when it comes to the shirts’ details. The classic look includes a pleated bib and a spread collar.

Summer weddings with a more casual dress code allow a little bit more freedom when it comes to the guests’ shirts. In terms of colors, solids and neutrals prove to be the right choice here as well. Keep in mind, summers can get pretty hot, so make sure that your wedding shirt is a cotton one. And please, no jeans!

If you’re lucky enough to attend a summer wedding somewhere on a beach, this opens up a whole world’s worth of opportunity. Some people take a walk on the wild side with floral patterns and steal the show. Looser-fitting wedding shirts with various soft colors can also make appearances around these types of weddings.

Summer is finally here, which means that the wedding season has officially opened. If you are a guest of one of these wonderful events, choose your wedding shirt carefully according to the dress code. But never forget, no matter how casual the wedding may be, you can still look sharp without looking like you’re trying too hard. You may actually even pick up a few compliments along the way.

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