How to wear: linen and seersucker

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With a few tips on how to wear them, linen and seersucker shirts can be your best friend this season. The battle with summer’s heat continues for at least three months, and at times you’ll need to look sharp without having to shed excessive amounts of sweat. Times like these call for something different than regular cotton or synthetic fabrics. With plenty of experience in summer styling, linen and seersucker present the best solutions for the upcoming dog days.

So what makes these fabrics different? Linen’s fibers are derived from the flax plant. They rival cotton in two areas: they provide better ventilation, dry much quicker, and don’t get lint on their surface.

Linen fabric - Tailor lamb


The look you get from linen shirt is a little more relaxed. It’s a fitting style for going to the beach during the day or going to a gathering in the evening. You can wear it with just about any bottoms, from shorts and trunks to trousers. Some people are even able to pull off the linen
shirt in a more formal setting.

Seersucker on the other hand, is cotton that’s puckered in a way that will keep you from feeling the heat. Its design creates a textured appearance that has a tendency to stay away from the skin, allowing for some breathing room.

Seersucker fabric - Tailor lamb



Usually, shirts made from seersucker are striped and have a specific texture to them. Some of the stripes feel smooth, while others have a more grainy. It can be worn with shorts or more formal attire. One thing to avoid is matching stripes on the rest of the pieces of clothing like pants or jacket.

In case you plan on spending time in some of the warmer places around, getting a seersucker or linen shirt can make you just a little bit cooler. Keeping in mind some of the rules on how to wear them will make you go with these shirts time and time again. Just remember, you don’t have to pay for style with comfort.

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