About us

Our story

As everything good in life we started from a simple idea: every human being is perfectly tailored. Every body is unique in design. And so should be every piece of clothing. Nature didn’t make us so diverse to end up looking alike, did it? That is why we created our concept of the shirt as natural continuation of the body.

Driven by the desire to reach perfection, we put our heads to work. We were not part of the Industry so we knew nobody on the inside. But we knew the natural way was to explore. So we spent a whole year exploring what was being done and what could be done better, and, what was more important, talking to men about shirts. At the end of the year we were richer with a ton of knowledge and we finally got it: perfection is natural.

The fabrics

So we chose to do it the natural way, meaning we had to find fabrics that our customers would not just wear, but feel as their second skin – perfectly comfortable. So we put some serious effort and sourced a great number of producers worldwide. Until, which was really no surprise, we found the best of them in Italy.

Once we found the perfect fabric, we had to develop cutting-edge software to cut it perfectly. We equipped everything with the latest tech… And we were finally happy. We can now proudly provide you with the best possible tools to create the perfect continuation of your body: your shirt.

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